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Face it, tinted tail lights look awesome!


Our Smoked Tail lamp Film applications are the Best solution when you want to get that unique look. Best part of the process is that it is completely reversible at a later date. If you happen to sell the car, or just want to take it back to stock. The film is removable, and it will have protected the lenses from scratches and impact damages.

Our high quality transparent lens film is a flexible material that adds a unique look to tail lights, fog lights, interior lights and any other type of light with a lens. Adding lens film not only adds style, it adds protection!

With so many different products on the market that will allow tinting of your tail lights, which product is the best? When deciding, The Tint Studio recommends that you get the film instead of the paint. The film can be manipulated easily and removed very easily if required. There are a numerous different options for tinted tail lights. Colors available are blue, red, yellow, chocolate and various shades of black.

The Smoking of tail lights can be done a number of different ways,

  1. The Smoking of tail lights can be done a number of different ways,
  2. The Tint Studio’s Tail light Film BEST CHOICE!
  3. Paint, VHT Nite Shades is available for lenses that simply cannot be wrapped with any film. This option is a permanent application and not reversible. Aftermarket Tail lamp covers. Cost is typically high on these and the attachment mechanisms poor. Availability will be the other determining factor. Sometimes they just don’t produce what you need.

Boosting the look of vehicles has always been an interest to the human race. It is human nature to want to be different and stand out in different desired styles. Smoking tail lights is a very popular car modification of this age. Tinting tail lights is becoming more and more popular every day. The automotive car enthusiasts notice every single little detail when it comes to cars. They have decided that the look of tinting or darkening the look of certain aspects of a vehicle also known as “smoking,” really enhances the modified look of a vehicle.

Smoking and tinting tail lights is becoming more and more popular every day. Why not join the upcoming rise, and look into getting your tail lights tinted!



The Tint Studio’s Headlight and Fog light Protection Film installed for as little as $99
Customers everywhere are learning about the benefits, and seeking our professionals to apply Headlight Protection Film to their vehicles.

Why do you need headlight protection?

Today’s acrylic headlights are very expensive. Replacement costs are usually a very unpleasant surprise.Acrylic headlights do get damaged. Modern acrylic headlights are susceptible to scratches, pits from flying road debris, and fine hair line fractures that can allow moisture to get into the lens causing fogging. UV damage from sunlight can cause yellowing of the lens and make acrylic brittle. The Tint Studio’s Headlamp Protection kits have UV inhibitors that help to prevent hazing and yellowing of the acrylic lens due to exposure to sunlight.

The very best protection has also been tested at temperatures down to -40 centigrade with no damage to the film or adhesive. It is DOT certified and guaranteed not to alter or reduce headlight performance.

Protect the glass or plastic lenses of your headlights from rocks that can cause expensive damage. A clear layer of The Tint Studio’s urethane film will reduce the chance of breakage and eliminate pitting. Protection is available for your expensive headlamps, fog lamps, turn indicators and parking lights.

Why is Headlight Protection So Valuable

It’s estimated that on average 1 out of every 6 automobiles will require headlight replacement due to damage from road debris. Regardless of statistics like these we have all seen the effects that road debris can cause.

All particles, as small as sand and up, can sandblast your headlights causing clarity to be reduced by as much as 50%. This can put your safety at risk. One trip on the any of our Highways during winter months is all it takes to make you agree that your automobile requires headlight protection.

Replacing headlight components can be an expensive and time consuming process, the average headlamp set costs $450 to replace. Plastic headlights can become dull and lose their transparency due to rocks and sand particles that pit the surface. Glass headlights can shatter and break their seal from a rock impact.

See for yourself what can happen…